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Speaking Topics

  • Understanding Your Why What inspires your passion? How do your strengths and values give meaning to your purpose? What makes you uniquely you and so valuable to the world? How do we use our curiosity to discover and reflection to absorb? How do we use our gift—our unique perspective—and lead?  
  • Building a Winning CultureTalent provides the possibility of success. Self-awareness and self-confidence in one’s self-worth ignites the possibility of making the people around you better. It is how trust is built. It provides the stability needed to navigate being comfortable with being uncomfortable in order to create change. It is about achieving something larger than self.
  • Peak Performance  As a professional athlete, there is no substitute for optimizing peak performance. It has to be achieved when stress is high. It demands clarity of thought, emotional awareness, and physical execution. How do you train yourself and your teams to achieve peak performance?
  • The Power of Being Present  If I am being present with myself, then the very best of me is executing. If I am being present with another person, I am listening and processing words and behaviors without distraction. If I am being present in someone else’s life, then I am mentoring and advocating for their growth and development.  


  • Leadership Teams: Full-day and half-day sessions
  • Rising Stars: 1-2-day retreats, keynote, working sessions
  • Executive Women’s Golf Experiences: Golf and Relationship-building 
  • One-on-One Executive Coaching