Meet Deb

Welcome to Burlap Leaders! 

My journey to “Understand My Why” has been joyful and challenging. It began with an internally focused purpose to become a champion golfer. Ironically, once I became an LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association) champion, I was introduced to a world that redefined me and my purpose. I discovered that, as much as I was born to play on a big stage, I was also destined to bring the best of me every day to “ignite the best in others.”

In addition to being a professional golfer, I am also a business builder, author, and philanthropist who has over 25 years of experience influencing and coaching others on how to live with purpose. Through the programs I’ve developed for disabled kids, foster kids, military veterans, and disadvantaged youth, I have learned that quality relationships matter more than anything in determining success. It is a simple concept to have reliable people in one’s life; however, it is another to take on the responsibility to make it real.

I’ve also learned—from the college students who participated in the leader development curriculum I was fortunate to build with leadership scholars—that self-knowledge is powerful and liberating. It frees us to live authentically and build relationships through mutual trust.

My work with leaders, leadership teams, rising stars, and women leaders from different arenas has taught me that “Understanding Your Why” transcends all contexts. And although I am proud of my achievements in golf, there truly is no greater fulfillment than leading others to a more rewarding life. 

You can read more about me in my career bio.