Dreams Do Come True

My life motto is “Dream big, dream often. Dreams do come true.” I have been marching to that beat since I was a young girl chasing a dream of becoming a professional golfer. I did not know back then if the dream would come true, but I was dedicated to invest my best to pursue the dream. And in reality, that is life; the pursuit of dreams that stretch us beyond our comfort zones. 

Along the way I have celebrated wins and I have been frustrated by disappointment, both were necessary in helping me learn about myself at a deeper level. In moments of triumph I validated the work I was doing to achieve my goals. In my defeats I was provided the opportunity to learn how to improve my performance to create better outcomes. However different those two experiences were emotionally, they shared one critical feature that pushed me towards future success: the power to reflect and learn. 

Reflection is about finding clarity. It is separating yourself from the noise, the unimportant impulses, to discover how your core values and strengths play a role in both your successes and setbacks. It was a choppy experience for me when I realized I was veering away from what defined me at my best or when someone was pushing me to be something I am not. In Trust: Understanding My Why I share some of those uncomfortable experiences and how I turned them into positives. This is how I lead my life with clarity and how I coach others to stay true to the best that resides within them. When we are committed to our strengths, purpose and values we become shining lights for others, just by being our everyday selves.

The message is we do not need to be extraordinary to be positive influencers. We need to be our best ordinary selves and we can make the world a better place one moment at a time!