What is a Burlap Leader?

Texturized, gritty, resilient, confident, versatile, self-aware, and protective. A Burlap Leader uses life experiences to create an ever-deepening connection and understanding with the world. They prioritize relationships as the cornerstone to their own fulfillment. 

Burlap Leaders want more out of their lives. They know that every person has the capacity to lead, and they choose to lead. “Understanding Their Why” is their commitment to do the hard work. They know to live authentically is to live fully. It is their pathway to not only be their best every day, but to elevate the potential of those around them.

“Everyone has a gift to give to the world.”

Burlap Leaders share their gift—their singular perspective built upon their experiences—with passion. They embrace the vulnerability that comes with sharing unique thought. They respect the views of others, and they challenge new ideas against their own in pursuit of continuous growth. They are reflective because through quiet repose, learning and absorbing ensue.

Are you ready to be a Burlap Leader?