A Case for Leadership

A Case for Leadership

In “Trust: Understanding My Why” I present my story in discovering and developing the first of three necessary prongs of leading a successful life and leading others in challenging times. The first, clarity of my strengths, values and purpose provide me a foundation of self-confidence to take on challenges bigger than my own immediate life. That confidence in self-worth has a reflective positive behavior that welcomes others to perform at their best with their strengths, values and purposes that are different from my own. The second necessary prong for building trustworthy teams is a clarity that understands that in every situation someone’s skills, strengths, values and purpose are in perfect alignment with what is required to navigate with the greatest outcomes and that person may not be me. Supporting that person fully is the gift I bring to the process. The final prong in becoming a Burlap Leader (burlapleaders.com) is to exercise adaptiveness, versatility, protectiveness, durability, strength, resilience, grit and yes, the ability to lead when I am best suited to what is required and the ability to be the best “wingman” supporting the moment when others are in the spotlight. Our country sorely needs Burlap Leaders during these stressful times. Step up, be heard, influence and rise above the noise.

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