mundane matters

Mundane Matters 

We have become accustomed to reveling in the exploits and adventures of our friends as they share their explorations we us via social media. It keeps us connected and it expands our own thinking about possibilities for future travels. However, it also challenges the way we live our life and assess our own success.

In “Trust: Understanding My Why,” I am explicit about the great lessons learned from golf that I have translated into building relationships and how it has shaped my perspective on how I contribute to the world. I was less effusive about why doing the mundane things really, really well is the epicenter of self-confidence. With the Coronavirus disrupting our lives, this seems like a good time to rekindle our connection to the little things.

When learning new skills there is only one way to refine them: practice, practice, practice. This is the mundane. Becoming one of the best at golf requires a commitment to hit thousands of three-foot putts, the most mundane process of learning a physical skill in tandem with mental concentration. Sinking three-foot putts is the pathway to being able to finish each hole that is played. Without that success, golf is an incomplete experience and one’s self-confidence is incomplete in its development. There are no shortcuts to this process that can endure through stressful challenges.

Golf’s process is no different than life’s process. Most things can be experienced at a surface level of success, but in order to experience lasting success we have to be willing to do the mundane tasks to learn deeply. Whether you are learning something academically, artistically, or physically, embracing the intricate details is the foundation of building self-confidence. So, while we are all slowing down our lives and separating ourselves into our mini-worlds, think about all the ways you can be reconnecting with the mundane to emerge from this predicament with reenergized confidence for what is possible.

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