Reflection – A Journey to Learn

In “Trust: Understanding My Why” I reveal many stories of how I translated my life experiences into long-term learning, how I used my relationships to find a better version of me, and how I activated the learning to improve the lives of others. I wrote about significant events and relationships that led to transformational changes in my life. I disclosed both my positive and negative experiences and how they propelled me forward. I also shared the roller-coaster ride I was on to make meaning out of those experiences.  

What is equally important is that we make meaning out of our daily experiences. Whether it be an observation, a conversation, an activity, or something we read, we have an opportunity to learn more about ourselves. That learning comes through reflection and I believe it to be one of the great learnable skills in life. 

Here is my personal reflection process. I remove myself from the noise to get as quiet as I can and I relive the experience in my mind. I evaluate my behavior: what was I thinking, how did I feel, what did I do, what did I say? I replay my observations of others: what were their behaviors, how did they position their story? The parts that feel comfortable are validating additives and I always acknowledge them. I spend the most time, though, on the situations that felt uncomfortable so I can understand why. In those reflections I am searching for clarity, evaluating the experience through the lens of my strengths, purpose and values. Why was the experience uncomfortable? Was I operating from a lack of knowledge or experience and thus, uncomfortable with the learning; or, was the experiencing pushing me to be something I am not, a contradiction to my values? The clarity attained through these reflective exercises provides me the clarity that builds my confidence in everything that I do. 

How is confidence attained through reflection? It reduces the ambiguity of self-knowledge. Life is not perfect and no one lives perfectly. Clarity in our strengths, purpose and values allows us to live with conviction when we are soaring and more critically when we are facing tremendous headwinds. The more we invest in ourselves during the journey, the more we can expect out of ourselves while pursuing the journey.

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