The Power of Influence

What does it mean to have influence? At its basic level, it is being able to change the trajectory of another person’s life. It is so important to recognize that influencers can be both positive and negative. I have experienced people and leaders who have been positive influencers, these are the ones I wrote about in “Trust: Understanding My Why” and how transformational they were to my life. I also wrote about my experiences with negative influencers and how devastating they can be to entire environments and how they upended my life. So, how do we engage with positive influencers and create space from negative influencers?

The most important aspect of evaluating others is to listen to the voice within us. When I accepted Ron’s invite to learn the game of golf through him, when I challenged University of Florida women’s golf coach Mimi Ryan to give me a golf scholarship, when I met my North Star, Jessica, and absorbed her strength within a fragile body, I decided to not only let them into my life, but I felt energized in their presence. I was filled with joy when I was in their presence. I was elevated by their influence in my life, because I embraced their gift.

I have an ongoing message in Trust: Understanding My Why and in my blogs, there is no greater way to be an influencer than to bring the very best version of yourself to the arena: every day! That is not a herculean ask. It means you have reflected on the experiences in your life, you have clarity about your strengths, purpose and values, and you are self-confident in who you are and most importantly who you are not. Sometimes understanding who you are not is the most valuable lesson in life. When we stop trying to be “that” person and concentrate on the best of who we are, we then have the capacity to soar and take others with us!

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