Leading is a Way of Life

In “Trust: Understanding My Why,” I make a distinction between leadership and leading. There are hundreds of educational tools available for learning skills and traits that enhance leadership execution. These can definitely be taught. Leading, however, is developedover time as we gain clarity and confidence in our strengths, purpose and values. It is these aspects of self that guide our behavior through the best of times, the worst of times and all points in between.

If we reflect upon the times in our lives when we struggled, we most likely will discover situations that did not align our sense of self with what was being asked of us. That discomfort is the warning flag that we need to learn to listen to. It is our self-preservation warning system. Then there is the opposite situation where we feel like we can do anything and everything we try to accomplish has the wind at our backs pushing us forward with greater energy. These are the times when our strengths, purpose and values are in perfect sync. In “Trust: Understanding My Why” I share this awakening through my North Star, Jessica. In my relationship with her I discovered a better version of me that had a purpose beyond self-gratification. This is leading.

Discovering relationships that elevate us is a commitment to remain curious about people, places and things outside of our normal environment. Seeking to understand “different” is a pathway to a deeper understanding of self and the ability to thrive in arenas outside of our normal comfort zone. Engaging with new people who we feel a kindred spirit, even as they possess attributes outside our usual sphere, is an opportunity to discover a person who can change the entire trajectory of our life. Open your mind, open your heart, open yourself to the magical discovery of sharing positivity with another human. That road fulfills endlessly!